Sunday, July 31, 2011

My review on the Vampire Academy series...

Today I decided to re-read Blood Promise by RichelleMead.
Let me just say how much I love this book and the whole book series. It's amazing! The way Mrs. Mead writes is incredible. And Rose is one hell of a character. I must say that the reason I love fantasy so much is because I can live someone else's life for a bit, 'cus I can escape my own problems, and the VA series are one of those books that give you that escape. The first time I read the books I literally couldn't put it down. Rose's emotions were so strong, and she always had to face a new problem. This girl didn't have a break for more than a minute. Even now, after I re-readed most of the books, I still can't remember in which book what happen. I read the books one after one stopping only to do my chores and to sleep. They are that interesting and they just suck you in. I'm sure there are some fallses in the books but I didn't noticed any. As those, who have read it know, the story is about a teenage dhampir girl and she is a guardian in training but somehow aside from that she has some pretty normal teenage problems (aside from fighting evil vampires (Strigois) and some Morois), so it isn't that hard to relate to the story. It's pretty amazing how she handles her life.
There is one thing I can think of, that I didn't like while reading the books, and that is how powerless the Morois think they are. I realize that the story wont be the same without most of them been so annoying, but I just had to mention it. I resent Lissa especially because I feel like Rose didn't resent her enough. I feel a little bad 'cuz in the end of Shadow Kiss I kinda enjoyed the fight Rose and Lissa had, mostly because for the firs time Rose let everything out. She decided to chose Dimitri and I believe that was the right thing to do.
So all in all, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't take my review seriously because it can confuse you, but one thing you guys should know and that is, these books are awesome. They are worth the time you'll put in reading them because they are just that good! And I want to say one big THANK YOU to the author Richelle Mead for creating such a wonderful world, characters and the story itself. I'm thankful for everything you've given us and everything you continue to give us (the Bloodlines series and the short story for Rose and Dimitri going back to his family...). Next on my to-read list are the Georgina Kincaid series and the Dark Swan series. I hope they are as good as Vampire Academy was!

You can purchase the books from: The Book Depository.
-The box set (book 1-4)
-Book 5
-Book 6

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