Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm in a really bad mood...

Oh my God... I can't believe how some days I get pissed off by the littlest things... Today is my brother having friends over at 9 PM AGAIN!!! I mean, COME ON.... Can't he miss one night. We share a room so that's why I mind when he comes home and brings someone with him... He knows that I don't like that but he doesn't care and let me say that this is NOT the first or the second time he does it! I need to sneak around the house to find an empty room so I can get dressed after shower.. If I want to go to sleep erlier(not that I do that very often, I just give and example) I have to wait to go to bed. I don't mind so much having friends over during the day. That's not exactly fine but I put on a good face and deal with it, but this...
And now because of things like that I go around the house pissed off at everything and everyone. Mostly it results at me getting yelled at from my parents because of my attitude.

I'm just letting it all out right now, not that you need to hear about all my problems but hey that's my only way without getting into a fight with someone...Well I'll go and watch what's going on with Twitter 'cuz I can't watch my movie on my PC(did I forgot to tell you that he talk on skype, too...). Have a good night everyone. I hope I chill out before I go to bed, I have to get a good night sleep so I'll be ready for the looong day at school tomorrow.


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