Tuesday, November 1, 2011

HUGE giveaway on Beth Revis's blog- Show gratitude for books ...and win 19 SIGNED YA books

I just found this amazing giveaway at Betth Revis's blog. The contest is international and if offers 19 SIGNED YA books to one winner!

Here is the link to the giveaway post and all the rules for the contest.

And now my answer.
One book that I'm most grateful? That would have to be Twilight. Let me tell you why. When I was younger I didn't read books for fun. I was spending more time drawing and the books weren't appealing to me. Then when Twilight first came out in my country (it was about the time the first movie came out) I decided to buy my first book(one I would buy on my own, that is...). And so I started reading it and I was absolutely amazed by the fact that a book could be so interesting and so great. It opened a door to a whole new world. (I hadn't even read Harry Potter at that time even though I had watched the movies and loved them... )
And so with Twilight my love for books started. I later started to see flaws in it( well, not so much flaws as there were stuff that I didn't like like the main character... but that was after I had met other characters in other books.) but even now that book has a special place in my heart even that it's not for the story itself. I am thankful to the author for creating it and I am thankful to whatever force it was that made me buy it and start reading.
I now know how much I've missed and I'm desperately trying to make up for it but there is so, so many awesome books out there.
So, yeah... that's the book I'm most grateful for!

What about you? What book are YOU most grateful for? Oh and make sure  you sing up for the INCREDIBLE giveaway!

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