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Review: Midnight Alley (The Morganville Vampires #3) by Rachel Caine

Midnight Alley (The Morganville Vampires, #3)Midnight Alley by Rachel Caine

Summary (from the book jacket)

Morganville’s such a nice place to live… And die. If you don’t mind that sort of thing.When Claire Danvers learnt that her college town was run by vampires, she did what any intelligent, self-preserving student would do: she applied for a transfer and stocked up on garlic. The transfer is no longer an option, but the garlic may come in handy.Now Claire has pledged herself to Amelie, the most powerful vampire in town. The protection her contract secures does little to reassure her friends. All of a sudden people are turning up dead, a stalker resurfaces from Claire’s past, and an ancient bloodsucker extends a chilling invitation for private lessons in his secluded home. 

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My thoughts :

Okay, so I just finished the book and I'm just way too excited.

There isn't much I could say about it because I don't want to reveal the story, like I did in the previous reviews.

I'll be repeating myself when I say that the book was great. It has that same fast pace like the the first two books and it's just as interesting with some frightening moments and then some incredibly sweet ones and then there were the completely unexpected ones. It is a great mix of emotions and actions and crazy behavior and more... always more!

I enjoyed the story even more because we go even deeper than before. More secrets are revealed and new characters are coming to town.

I certainly was enjoying the presence of Myrnin and of that we had a lot. He is very interesting character to read about. Scary, crazy and incredibly brilliant but his mind is wasting away and it's just sad to see him like that.

The ending was a huge cliff hanger and it stunned me for a while. It surely promises an amazing beginning to the fourth book. I will be starting that one very soon because this one ended too quickly!

I won't go on like that because it doesn't matter what I say about the book. You need to read it to see for yourself how good it was and how good the series get.

Well that's it. You guys should really consider reading the books!

I've re-read and reviewed this book as part of the Morganville Vampires Reading Challenge 2012.
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