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Review: Switched (The Trylle trilogy, #1) by Amanda Hocking

Goodreads summary:

When Wendy Everly was six years old, her mother was convinced she was a monster and tried to kill her. Eleven years later, Wendy discovers her mother might have been right. She’s not the person she’s always believed herself to be, and her whole life begins to unravel—all because of Finn Holmes.

Finn is a mysterious guy who always seems to be watching her. Every encounter leaves her deeply shaken…though it has more to do with her fierce attraction to him than she’d ever admit. But it isn’t long before he reveals the truth: Wendy is a changeling who was switched at birth—and he’s come to take her home.

Now Wendy’s about to journey to a magical world she never knew existed, one that’s both beautiful and frightening. And where she must leave her old life behind to discover who she’s meant to become…

I read the book like two weeks ago but I have so much on my mind now that I didn't have the time to sit down and try to write my review.
The book was amazing. It's the first book about trolls I've ever read so I was really happy to read a something so new for me.
The trylle a.k.a. the trolls(they hate it when you call them like that but oh.. I can't help it) are an interesting species and the main thing about them is that they are connected to the nature.
The way they look( always with auburn hair), their gifts(controlling the four elements in some way, or in very rare occasions the human mind and maybe seeing the future...) and the way they like to behave was very new and I loved it that Mrs Hocking described everything so well. I have a perfect picture in my mind about the Trylle world and the people in it.
The first book in the trilogy is the intro for young Wendy Everly into the trylle world and we got to experience everything with her.
She is a strong character that has been trough a lot and has come out of it more determent than anything to protect the ones she love and to fight for them.
Wendy is a girl that has to overcome a lot of obstacles in the book. She finds out that she has been switched at birth and placed in a family and that her own mother did it. Must be hard to find something like this out and learn to live with it.
I'm telling you a lot here but believe me when I tell you that this is nothing compared to the whole story. I haven't even mentioned Finn yet and he's a whole other level of cure and amazing even though he is not your normal sweet guy that comes and sweeps you off your feet. He is distant and times but then he is really nice and amazing and then he goes back to cold and with a strange look in his eyes. He is a complex character and I loved the scenes with him. He's basically a guard and a tracker, and he is in charge of finding the changelings(the switched children) and to bring them back to their homes where they belong.
The dynamics of the trylle world is very complex and I needed some time to understand everything but in the end it was worth it.
The end was a cliff hanger and it left me wanting the next book so much. I can't buy it right now and it kills me that I have to wait to see what happens now.
Nothing is set in stone and I believe there are a lot of twists and turns to come(even more than those I read in the first book) and I can't wait to get my hands on book two.
Switched is a book that sucks you into it's world and it has a hold over you for a very long time. I loved it and I recommend it to everyone who likes a little fantasy and a little magic in their life!!!

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  1. I've heard great things about this book but I still need to pick it up! Fabulous review! Glad to hear you enjoyed it :-)


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    1. You should definitely pick it up. It's a great read! Thanks for the comment.
      I hope you stop by again...