Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hey guys,
I have some announcements to make.
First I decided to change the blog's name and address. I want something more.. book related. Well I have some ideas for the name but you'll see what I choose on May 1st. That's when the new name will come if everything goes as planned.
Second thing that's going to happen on May 1st is my second ever giveaway! I have an extra copy of a certain very popular book but I won't tell you which one now, you'll have to wait.
I also want to make some changes to the blog. I want to change the design again but I'll do that over the next month if I have the time. I also want to make things more interesting around here and I'm thinking of joining some Memes. I don't know which yet so if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment under to share them with me, I would appreciate! I might even add this as and entry to my giveaway.. oh I'm losing focus...
I was also wondering if anyone would want to post their reviews here. I still haven't looked into that yet, too so that's not happening yet.
I have so many ideas but school is hard on me right now and I can't accomplish any of them.
Well I'm doing my best and I am changing the name and I am having the giveaway so that should be enough for now.
I'll make a schedule for my reviews from now on so I have something to post at least once a week...
I finish a wonderful book today and I'll be posting that review soon so come back next week and check it out.
Well that's  it for now. Leave a comment bellow if you have anything to say..

Until the next time,

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