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Review: Dragonswan (Dark-Hunter #1.5; Were-Hunter #1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Goodread summary:
New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon delivers a special collector's-edition tale of unexpected passion woven from the mysteries of a celebrated ancient tapestry.

Beautiful scholar Channon MacRea has spent years studying the legendary Dragon Tapestry, devoting days and nights to deciphering the impenetrable Old English symbolism. Then one evening the unnaturally handsome Sebastian appears. He claims to hold the key to solving the tapestry's mysteries. Bearing magnificently taut and tanned flesh marked by intriguing scars of battle, he also claims to be a dragon slayer trapped between two worlds.

For Channon there's only one way to finally uncover the secrets of the intricate embroidery-by following the seductive stranger into a fantastic alternate world of magic, danger, and erotic adventure.

I absolutely loved this book. It goes against my believes that short stories aren't as satisfying as a full scale novels are.
The books was fairly short but it is all I'm looking for in a fantasy book. IT was dark, dangerous, very, very sexy, mysterious, entertaining and compelling. It was absolutely fabulous and I enjoyed it very, very much.
It also gave me a pretty good explanation about the Arcadians and the Katagarians, It gave me an understanding to their world and their rules.
I also got to see another sexy predator from the past that could turn into a dragon, which was so cool. Too bad he too found his mate, the only woman he could ever loved and have a family with, like all the others ancient but utterly gorgeous man in Sherrilyn Kenyon's books.
The world this woman has created is utterly amazing. It is filled with so much passion and love but also with pain from the past of all the characters, both the immortal hunters and the humans.
It is incredible the way she picks up two very different people from two entirely different worlds, times, species and she puts them in each-others ways to figure the hard parts on their own but together.
I absolutely loved this short story about Channon and Sebastian. It was truly awesome.
 I give it:

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