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Review: Night Play (Dark-Hunter, #6; Were-Hunter, #2) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Goodread summary:
Bride McTierney has had it with men. They're cheap, self-centered, and never love her for who she is. But though she prides herself on being independent, deep down she still yearns for a knight in shining armor.

She just never expected her knight in shining armor to have a shiny coat of fur...

Deadly and tortured, Vane Kattalakis isn't what he seems. Most women lament that their boyfriends are dogs. In Bride's case, hers is a wolf. A Were-Hunter wolf. Wanted dead by his enemies, Vane isn't looking for a mate. But the Fates have marked Bride as his. Now he has three weeks to either convince Bride that the supernatural is real or he will spend the rest of his life neutered--something no self-respecting wolf can accept...

But how does a wolf convince a human to trust him with her life when his enemies are out to end his? In the world of the Were-Hunters, it really is dog-eat-dog. And only one alpha male can win.

It's hard to keep writing meaningful reviews of these books without starting to repeat myself. Even though the only similarity between them are the fact that all of the books are amazing and that they involve either a dark-hunter or a were-hunter.
I just feel like all I've said in the last 6-7 reviews is how awesome the books are. I know it's getting old but there's not much else to say. The books are amazing. One after another they bring a little piece of information about the dark-hunters' world and about Acheron and they are always interesting and passionate and very addictive.
I simply start to love every new character because they are always very different than those before them and they bring their own history and pain and/or happiness and the story just becomes more colorful for the hundred/thousand year olds hunters that walk the dark streets of New Orleans( not always but still most of the action is in that city).
In this book we met Vane Kattalakis again. After first seeing him in Night Embrace I could think of only one person that he might end up with and I was right. But still it was precious to read the book and to see his history through his and his mates eyes. I got to know the person behind the wolf mask and behind the pretty face and gorgeous body. His pain was very strong like most of Sherrilyn Kenyon's characters but yet so different.
His fights with the Fates were of a different kind even though he fought to keep his loved ones safe too.
Another thing I also liked in this book was Bride McTierney. I think she became one of my favorite humans in the entire series and I truly felt for her in the beginning. Her story was the closest it gets to normal in this series and that was just too important to miss. Her broken heart and her insecurities were real and it was really easy to relate to her character. I also loved how she didn't start trusting Vane right away. Yes she felt for him, there was a strong connection but she was scared of him in the beginning and that was the normal reaction that every woman should have, of course that's after she gets her eyes away from his gorgeous body and look into the guys eyes.
I somehow believe that after living hundreds of years killing to protect those in need of protection(in Vane's case, it was those he loved most, his family) , you kind of have an aura around you that shows people not to mess with you and no matter the looks that should be enough for some bells in woman's heads to start ringing....
Okay I started to babble so I'll stop now. I just want to say that this was the most realistic book of them all so far considering what's it about. I thing that's what I loved most about it, that and Vane and Fury.... :D

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