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Review: Winter Born (Dark-Hunter #6.1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Goodread summary:
Two enemy Were-Panthers discover that fate has destined they become lovers. Pandora must learn to trust Dante's foreign nature. But as she slowly succumbs to the truest passion she has ever known, dark forces have already set out to reclaim her...

The short story was originally printed in the anthology, Stroke of Midnight.

Oh goodie... that was awesome.
I had no idea what the book was about, I just dived in believing in Sherrilyn Kenyon's talent to write these passionate, amazing books.
When I started reading the book I was intrigued by this new species. Panthers were mentioned before but we never really read anything from their P.O.V and I was really interested in it and when I 'saw' Dante I instantly remembered him from Kiss of the Night and I didn't know what to expect.
Dante was a little harsh to kill his brother in that book, because he had betrayed the pack, so I didn't really know what he was like except that he doesn't tolerate treachery. Here we get to see him in a different light. In only 75 pages, there was enough to make me like him very, very much. He was tender, sweet and confused by what was happening to him, just as the Arcadian panther he met at Demon Con.
Pandora is just reached her womanhood, she has been abducted, she escaped her captors and she is a virgin panther in heat. Not a good combination for the young girl, because if she gets anywhere near a male panther she'll be all over him no matter what the human in her told her. The animal was stronger and it wanted to mate..
It was an amazing short story mainly because I got to see yet another type of were-hunters and to find a little bit more about their kind. What I know so far is that every different species acts differently. One thing is for sure though... Arcadians and Katagarias don't mingle without blood being spilled.
It's fascinating to read about all these different characters with their past hanging in the background making them these incredibly strong man and women. I love how the story just sucks me in and I can't escape it's hold until I finish the book and then I just want the next one.
It was one hell of a short story and the only flaw was that the characters got to the I love you's a little too fast. They mated and bonded but it just didn't feel exactly right for them to say 'I love you' to each other when they did...
I'm not letting it darken my view of the book tough, because it might have been fast for humans but these are not normal people so I'm willing to let it slide. I loved the story too much to care anyway.

 I give it:

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