Saturday, November 10, 2012

Guest Post with Dr Lesley Phillips

Meditation and a Few Simple Tricks to Capture the Present Moment

You are spirit and you exist outside of time and space.

I realize I might have shocked you with that statement; you might be looking at your latte and your laptop and thinking what strange new drug is this woman smoking, but humor me by accepting this for now and keep on reading…

You are not your physical body, but an eternal spiritual being of love and light.
Yes that’s right. You created a body for some fun and expansive experiences in physical reality. The trouble is you keep forgetting where you left that body. Lucky for you it’s capable of keeping things running for a while without you.

Come on admit it, you’ve had that experience, where you got in your car to go somewhere, then arrived at your destination with no recall of what happened in between.

What happened is you were off in dreamland and you left your body on autopilot.

As an eternal spiritual being you can be anywhere in an instant.

You can be in the past, present, or future. You can be with your body in Boston or your dreams in Hawaii. When you worry about the future, you actually are in the future and when you obsess about the past, you actually can be in the past.

I say what’s the point of that? You’re missing the best part. That is the part where you get to be powerful, and playful, and creative, and ride the emotional roller coaster that we call life.

What is more your poor body, which can only be in the “here and now” is either frightened because it can’t join you in the future and it doesn’t know what to expect, or depressed because it can’t go into the past with you and change anything that happened.

So what can you do to focus your attention into the present moment?

There are many practices that can help you. Because the body is always in the now, anything that puts your attention on the body draws you into the present moment.

Exercise, focusing on the breath, being mindful of your thoughts and actions and using the five senses to draw you in are all really useful techniques that will help you to do this.

As I teach meditation, I thought I would focus this article on how meditation can help.

Meditation brings you into the now.
Meditation can help ground you, the high vibration spiritual being, into physical reality. It can help connect you with your physical body, and because the body is already present then you will be too.

One very simple, yet powerful meditation technique that you can use for this is called grounding. This is where you visualize a flow of energy that goes from an energy center that exists near the base of your spine (first chakra) all the way to the center of the earth.

It functions like an electrical grounding and allows that high energy vibration to make a connection with the physical world, which is much denser and slower.

Try it – I guarantee it will work. You can even visualize the energy flow as though it was a laser beam, waterfall, tree trunk or any other image that helps you make this connection.

Once you are doing this grounding visualization, tune into you body and see how it is responding to your presence.

Meditation puts you in charge of your reality.

Many people feel discomfort when they first start meditating. This is because they have stored unpleasant things inside their bodies, while they were off gallivanting around the universe.

As you ground and become more present, you may notice your back aches, or your shoulders are tense, or you have some very unpleasant emotions that you would rather not acknowledge.

The temptation is to run away again. What self respecting spirit, would want to hang out there! The trick is to stay and use meditation techniques to let go of these unwanted energies.

This is easy to do using the grounding technique described above. As you become consciously aware of an energy you would like to let go of, you simply allow it to flow down your grounding chord into the center of the earth.

Meditation helps you see what is.

A second meditation technique that also helps you enter the present moment is called centering. I teach people to place their consciousness in the center of their head. This is in another energy center (sixth chakra) and is also the location of the pineal gland.

Centering not only pulls you into your physical body, but it also brings you to a place, where you can see clearly. The center of your head is a place where you can view your creations from a neutral, non judgmental perspective.
So if you have stored some unpleasantness in your body, you will be better able to cope and less likely to leave; as you will be above your emotions and aside from your intellect.

When you are grounded and centered you are fully present and can see what is. Instead of the lies that many people and the culture at large wish to propagate. You can decide what is right for you, and you can work with your body to make it a comfortable and harmonious ride for both of you.

Meditation puts you in the drivers’ seat of your life.

Now you can decide how to get from A to B and what places you will visit in between and you can be fully present to enjoy the ride of your life.

By Dr Lesley Phillips
Twitter: @DrLesleyP

Dr Lesley Phillips is a speaker, author, workshop leader, spiritual and meditation teacher based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Her book “The Midas Tree” - a spiritual adventure novel that also teaches meditation - will be published on November 11th 2012.

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