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Adult Review: Truly, Madly Yours (Truly, Idaho, #1) by Rachel Gibson

This book is suitable for Adult readers!!!

Goodread summary:
Where there's a will. . .

When pretty hairdresser Delaney Shaw returned home to Truly, Idaho, for the reading of her stepfather's will, she planned on paying her respects and getting out of town. But it seems the will has some unexpected stipulations--like the one that says if Delaney wants her inheritance she needs to stay put and have nothing to do with sexy Nick Allegrezza for an entire year!

There's no way

Ten years ago, Nick had swept Delaney off her feet and onto his Harley, and that's when she really let down her hair! Back then, he was a love-'em-and-leave-'em man, and Delaney learned the hard way that she was just a fling. But Nick is as irresistible as ever. And when the ladies at Tuesday night Bingo see Nick and Delaney making after-hours whoopee through the window of a local beauty parlor, Delaney knows it's time to decide if Nick is truly, madly the man of her heart.

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Oh, I'm Truly, Madly in love with this book. It was awesome.
I usually don't read much about humans and I took this one from the library for my mom, but what do you know... I started it and I loved the first few chapters and I couldn't put it down until it was over.
It was a fun read about a girl and a boy, and a mean father and a will, in a small town where everyone knows everyone and everything... It's hard to keep a secret so if you want a privet life, you get the hell out of there as soon as you can.
After a scandal broke about Delaney Shaw and her stepfather's bastard son, Nick Allegrezza, she took off and never came back. Words were said, prides were injured and things were never the same.
Ten long years later, Laney still hasn't come back home and now it's too late to make up with her father.
When Henry Shaw killed himself he set the barn he was in on fire so it wouldn't be so obvious that he took his own life and it wasn't, almost no one knew. But even dead he had to control everyone around him. He had to get what he wanted and that was a grandchild to continue the Shaw family. He not only wanted Nick to have a child but he wanted to have a say in who the mother should be and that was Laney. So he made a will, that told them what they have to do for a year so they would get their share of the inheritance.
Nick was the bastard son of a rich man that never acknowledge him. He spent his life being the unwanted son and he grew up without a father. He became the bad boy and then the one night stands kind of man when he grew up. He had to see Delaney get all the attention that he deserved and by all means he had the right to hate her, only that he loved her ever since that first day he saw her. Not that he'll ever show it to her...
His life wasn't easy but he made a name for himself and he and his brother built their company from scratch and they were very successful. He had a good life and then Laney came back.
Henry was a mighty persona in a small town and he had a lot of money so he had a lot to offer and Delaney and Nick, each for their own reason, decided to follow the instructions.
And from there began the passionate dance between Nick and Laney. He would tease, she would fall prey into his hands and then he'll go away only to come back and start all over again. It was fun, it was a light read and it was so easy to read and enjoy it. It was the right mix of funny, serious and sweet and hot... oh Nick... Gotta love that guy. He could be so hot in one moment and so cold in the next... You never know...
I really enjoyed reading the book because it was very interesting and it was so much fun and it was really easy to bury myself in their world... I really liked it!

I give it:

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  1. I like the red cover the most. I haven't seen this book before but I'm happy you like it. Yeah it's amazing when you find some book randomly and then you like it.

    Tanja @ Ja čitam, a ti?

    1. You should give the book a try Tanja. It was pretty interesting and a lot of people really liked it(or so sad the librarian).