Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DELIRIUM Read-a-Long DISCUSSION Post #2 [Chapters 8-14]

It's February and it's time to read Delirium. I already read the book but I love read-a-longs so I decided to join!

This is the second read-a-long post for this book and here are the questions and my answers.
You can find my last week's answers here and to go to the read-a-long sing-up page just click on the image on my right sidebar.
  1. Lena says she is looking forward to the cure because it is a "chance to be reborn: newer, fresher, better". Although we don't have "the cure" can you relate to Lena?
     - Lena's had a tough time when she was little, loosing her mother and then what happened to Rachel. She believes in the cure because that's the 'right' and only way to go in her world. That's why I think that some people can relate to her. If you had a tough life and a chance to forget all about it and start clean wouldn't you be tempted to take it?
  2. What events do you think shaped Lena's world view? Why do you think she is so eager to accept the cure and be rid from love once and for all?
    -I think she's eager to take the cure, mainly because of her mother. she saw what it did to her in the end and she was scared that she's going to end up like that. And to top that, she is raised to believe that she needs the cure to lead a normal life and she doesn't know anything else.
  3. Music plays an important part in these chapters -- when Lena goes to the party in the field she experiences been swept up by the unauthorized music and it moves her. Have you ever had a similar experience? If you were to make a Delirium playlist what songs would you include?
    -I haven't had a similar experience. Or at least I don't think I have. As for the playlist, I've never been good at making playlists. I make my playlist according to the mood I'm in and not the book I'm reading.. 
  4. Carol said that believing in Invalids living in the Wild is similar to believing in werewolves or vampires, make-believe stuff, but then we learned that Alex is from the Wild. What do you think is really out there? 
    - I already know what's out there because I've read the book but when I first read it I expected it to be.. well I expected little camps maybe, groups of people that have learned to survive with what they've got. Something like the cast of The Walking Dead...

  5. We learned a bit more about the society Lena lives in, particularly about the cure and the often violent raids. What do you think about the world-building in Delirium after reading chapters 8-14? Why do the raids have to be so violent and humiliating?
    -Oh I just love the world that Lauren Oliver has created. I find it very fascinating and I enjoyed reading about it. As for the raids.. I guess it a way to keep control over everyone in the world. Fear is a very efficient method to control people.

  6. Which particular event do you think caused a breakthrough in Lena's perception of the political system and cure? When do you think she first started having doubts? What affected her the most?
    I think it was the little burst of violent acts from the guards, the moments she stole away with Alex, the memories with her mother. At some point it all became too much and she broke through the haze.

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