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Adult Review: Primal Bonds (Shifters Unboud, #2) by Jennifer Ashley

This book is suitable for Adult readers!!!
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Goodread summary:
When half-Fae, half-Shifter Andrea Gray flees an abusive would-be mate, the only way she is allowed to relocate to the Austin Shiftertown is if a Shifter there claims her as mate.

Sean Morrissey, the Guardian of his clan and all of Shiftertown, is mateless, lonely, and has a tough job--to send the souls of deceased Shifters into the afterworld. He volunteers to claim her, sight unseen, but doesn't realize that one look at the gray-eyed, dark-haired Andrea will stir the mating frenzy in him. Even though the mate-claim isn't finalized, official, or yet blessed, Sean will do anything to get Andrea into his life and keep her there, forever.

Book 2 in the Shifters Unbound series. Full-length novel, Austin Shiftertown.

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I absolutely loved book one but this one was even better. I already knew enough of the back-story of Sean Morrissey and his family and the I could focus all my curiosity at his new mate-to-be Andrea Gray, the half Lupine shifter , half Fae female that just moved into town thanks to Sean's mate-claim.

This is where their story and relationship begun, and let me tell you, it was an intense, passionate, crazy relationship.. And when I said passionate I wasn't kidding:
Andrea was never sure who leaned forward first, but she was melting toward him and, next thing she knew, felt the scalding pressure of Sean's mouth on hers. He kissed her with strength, barely masking his power, and Andrea closed her eyes and drank it in. His hand stole to the back of her neck, arching her up to savor more of her.
"Come inside with me," he whispered against her mouth....

Sean was the perfect example of an alpha male that needed to protect his mate, especially when he started having strong feelings about her from the second he first laid eyes on her. He was trying to win Andrea over, by not pushing her to accept the claim, he liked her and he wasn't about to turn her into the submissive everyone in her old pack though she should be.
And what pissed me a lot in the book was Andrea's behavior. I tried not to judge her to hard because her life has been a living hell and I wouldn't wish it on anyone but she was driving me crazy and she is just a book character( imagine how Sean must have felt..). Anyway, Sean was the one that saved her from her old pack and from the persistent son of the pack's leader, who wanted to make her his mate to use and abuse her... Sean was the one that took her away from that place, mate-claiming her before he even saw her... He was the one constantly protecting her, and she almost always pushed him back. It was clear she hated the fact that she needed protection and she wouldn't get over herself for a second to stop fighting his instincts.

“I want it to work." Sean turned the full force of his gaze on her. "Because when I first saw you, love, I started to believe in forever."

That pissed me off a lot but it was one of the reasons Sean fell for her so hard. She was unruly and she pushed all his buttons and made him crazy but she wasn't backing down, she was strong and so beautiful in his eyes and that was enough to look past her insubordination.
There was also a pretty good reason she was the way she is, and that's why I was able to look past her behavior too and end up liking her very much about half-way through the book all the way 'till the end.

The book, just as the first one, shared with us the lives of different characters in the same time and this one we got to see/hear/read a lot of Andrea's thoughts and that was pretty interesting too. Her character was on the road of self-discovery and it was a very interesting tale and even better mystery. She knew just the basics about where she came from and who her real dad was but one thing was clear and that was that her father is a Fae, one she's never seen... Her mom has been dead for a long time and she seemed to be the only one that knew the truth about Andrea's real father... Not even Andy's stepfather knew about him and Andrea had a lot of questions she couldn't get the answers to...
That was until her nightmares started and everything started to unfold around her.

But the story that was beginning to form didn't involve only her. The conspiracy was way beyond her and she was just a small pawn in the hands of the big players but she ended up being way too involved and she had to stay and fight for all she loved and cared about.

A female defending her mate was the most fearsome of Shifters, and whoever had done this to Sean didn't yet know the meaning of terror.

It was a truly amazing story. The characters had their ups and downs, both being so stubborn that it was annoying at times, and there were the happy moments and the sad ones, involving bad memories... I really loved reading Primal Bonds and I can't wait to get my hands on book three.

 I give it:

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