Friday, February 15, 2013

Adult Review: A Shot in the Dark (Long Shots, #2) by Christine d'Abo

This book is suitable for Adult readers!!!
Goodread summary:
Carter is one of the hottest men ever to walk into Paige Long's coffee shop. The attraction is mutual, and when Carter reveals himself to be a Dom, the submissive in Paige is aroused. Yet she brushes him off—her last relationship was abusive and she's unwilling to get involved with another Dom.

But when Carter returns the next day—in his firefighter uniform—Paige's fantasies really heat up. She can't resist his offer to get to know him over a drink at Mavericks, a local sex club. Their conversation quickly escalates to a session in one of the private rooms, and Paige is both thoroughly satisfied by Carter's skills in domination, and impressed with his selflessness as a lover.

Paige is ready to move on with her life. But can she trust in herself and submit to happiness?

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I already read and absolutely loved book one and wasn't all that surprised that I ended up liking book 2 too...
I don't like reading short books. My reads are preferably long novels so I can properly start to obsess over the characters and the story, and I am really surprised that I like these books so much! I really enjoyed reading this one and even though I'm not a huge fan of pain I really enjoyed reading Paige and Carter's story.
The book revealed yet another little part of the BDSM world that was not included in book one so it was new (reading it about these characters in this series) and exciting.
Paige and Carter are very different as a couple from Sadie and Paul so their relationship developed differently. It didn't move up from a friendship but it started fresh and it worked it's way through their issues to finally end up happy.
So yeah, it was a fun and exciting read and I really liked it!

 I give it:

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