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Blog Tour: Draw Me In by Megan Squires + [INT] Giveaway

This is a Blog Tour stop about the book Draw Me In by Megan Squires. It's a review only blog tour but there is a grand prize giveaway you can enter, it's International.

Title: Draw Me In
Series: N/A
Author: Megan Squires
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Publication date:  January 7th 2014
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Synopsis(provided by the author):
He’s a young, up and coming businessman with the keys to his family’s Italian wine enterprise.

I’m a fine arts student, navigating life in the Big Apple, my pencil and sketchpad in hand.

We meet. We fall in love.

But it’s not that story.

Sometimes, by a rare gift of fate, two lives cross paths. And hey, if that happens to occur when staring at Michelangelo’s naked masterpiece, even better. We can tell our future children how a seventeen-foot tall marble guy named David brought us together.

But there’s always more to a relationship than its beginning and ever after. In life, there’s a whole lot of backstory. There are ex-fianc├ęs and hot roommates and family members whose advice continues, even beyond the grave.

When you say you love someone, it’s never just that one person you’re saying it to. And it’s never just that one moment that sets everything in motion.

There is always more that draws you in.

Meet the Author

Megan Squires lives with her husband and two children just outside of Sacramento, California. A graduate from the University of California, Davis, Megan is now a full-time mother, wife, and dreamer—though her characters don’t often give her much opportunity to sleep.

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I give it:

I am thankful for the review copy of this book and even though I liked it for the most part there were some things that didn’t feel right... but luckily there were a lot of great parts about this book. 

It was mostly the main character Julie that bothered me because of her behavior. She was a bit too pushy when her relationship with Leonardo started. She was really jealous because the guy had a history and she didn’t know about it (when they’ve know each other for not more than a couple of weeks and I’m not really sure when they really started dating). But the one thing that actually pissed me off what when Julie read a letter from Leo’s mother.

Nothing, and I mean nothing excuses her for doing that. It was a personal letter, one that was meant for only him and she knew it wasn’t from a previous lover. She cheated when she read that letter because that was a letter from his mother and it revealed so much about him, things that she should have learned on her own. And she is a little weird. I don’t know how else to describe it but she is a strange character (probably not what an author wants to hear about their main character but it’s just the way I feel).

There were a lot of positive things to balance this mistake on Julie’s part and one of these positive things was Leo. 

It is refreshing to read about a male character that isn’t build from marble. Leo is almost carefree on the outside or at least he smiles a lot and he laughs and yeah, he has his demons but he doesn’t hide behind a wall. He has suffered but he still enjoys his life. He is young and around Julie, he is acting his age. 

I liked him from the very first moment I ‘saw’ him. He is described as a gorgeous man that leaves an impression but that is not what I like most about him…. I really, really like his spirit. He is a businessman but he also knows how to relax and he is Italian so…. Enough said! 

My overall opinion about the book is that it was good…. I liked reading most of it, I can’t deny that but some parts were just too weird… I don’t know what’s the deal with that but it is what it is. One moment the topic is serious and then something crazy happens… I don’t know.
But the important thing is that I really liked the book and I’m happy I got the chance to read it.


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