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Adult Review: Heart-Shaped Hack (Kate and Ian #1) by Tracey Garvis-Graves

This book is suitable for Adult readers!!!

Goodread summary:
When Kate Watts abandoned her law career to open a food pantry in Northeast Minneapolis, she never dreamed it would be this difficult. Facing the heartbreaking prospect of turning hungry people away, she is grateful for the anonymous donations that begin appearing at the end of each month. Determined to identify and thank her secret benefactor, she launches a plan and catches Ian —a charismatic hacker with a Robin Hood complex—in the act.

Ian intrigues Kate in a way no man ever has. But after learning he’s snooped around on her personal computer, she demands retribution. Impressed with her tolerance and captivated by her spirit, he complies and begins to slowly charm his way past her defenses. Time spent with Ian is never boring, and Kate soon finds herself falling for the mysterious hacker.

But Ian has enemies and they’re growing restless. In the hacking world, exploiting a target’s weakness is paramount, and no price is too high to stop an attack. And when Kate learns exactly how much Ian has paid, she’ll discover just how strong her love is for the man who has hacked his way into her heart.

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“You’ve obviously hacked into my computer. How did you do it?”
“I came in your backdoor.”
“I’m certain you did not.”
“I assure you that I did.”
“Without even discussing it with me first? No preparation? No warning? Don’t you think that’s incredibly bad form?”
Ian grinned. “Are we still talking about your computer? Because I find you utterly delightful right now.” 

I've read a lot of great books this year but this one stands out in a very unique way.
I loved the beginning of the story. It was light and fun and it was entertaining and interesting. I loved the characters and their interactions. I loved the way it was all playing out. I loved the heartbreak that followed and I loved the way that played out... Do you see the pattern?
I can't point out one thing that made this book so unique but it was. I was hooked before I even started reading it. Before I even had the chance to buy it! The quotes alone made me fall in love.

I was obsessed with reading this book maybe two weeks ago when it was literally everywhere I look. All my Facebook and goodreads groups were blowing up with comments and reviews and I kept stumbling onto these awesome quotes. I just needed to read it and now that I have, it's all so much better.

Kate Watts is awesome! She is independent, she is smart, she is funny and she is not lead around by anyone. She knows what she wants and she gets it done. She is determined to help people and she enjoys doing it. 

“I’ll win you over eventually. I’m very charming that way.” 

Ian is the BEST! And not just as a hacker but in general. He is so cocky and fun! Always looks on the bright side of things or he's making light of every situation. It was fun to read about his interactions with Kate because he was so confident and determined to win her over. I don't read a lot of books with male characters like him. He wasn't an alpha male in the sense I'm used to reading. Don't get me wrong, he always gets what he wants and he knows just how to play things to get the most advantage out of them. And he could show off like no one else. But he isn't.. how do I even put it, he's not so obvious about it. He is not all bulging muscles and brooding looks. He is tall, strong and gorgeous with an killer smile and more mischief in his eyes.

Let's just say that Ian made an impression and it was a GREAT one! I just LOVED reading about him through Kate's eyes (and she loved him so...).

And the interactions between these two.. pure gold! I was fascinated by it. 

“I did tell you yesterday that I wasn’t feeling especially pretty.” “Even when you’re sick, you’re a solid eight point five.” “How very sweet in a completely sexist way.” “When you’re not sick you’re an eleven.”

But I guess what I loved the most is their relationship. It didn't play out like most of my recent reads. It wasn't a lightning fast development when they fall hard overnight. Maybe they did fall fast but they went through the motions of dating and getting to know each other and in turn that allowed us to get to know them.

"I love you. I will never stop loving you."

I haven't felt this for a book in a long time but I love it and I'm really looking forward to reading the second part of their story! It's the easiest 5 stars review I've given in a while. There's not one thing that I would change about this story and now I'm desperate for more!

 I give it:

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