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Adult Review: Rock Chick Redemption (Rock Chick #3) by Kristen Ashley

This book is suitable for Adult readers!!!

Goodread summary:
Roxie’s on the run from a bad boyfriend who will not catch the hint that it is o-v-e-r. She’s in no mood for love at first sight, but when her eyes fall on Hank, it’s trouble from the get-go. Roxie tries to hold Hank at arms length but Hank wants to be a closer (as in, a lot closer). Roxie’s trouble catches up with her and Hank wants to help but Roxie knows in her heart that she’s no good for a white hat guy. The problem is no one agrees with her, especially her crazy hippie best friend Annette or her parents; the even crazier small-Indiana-town Herb and Trish. Toss into the mix the gang from Rock Chick and Rock Chick Rescue and Roxie finds herself totally outnumbered.

Climb in for another Rock Chick wild ride through Rock Chick Redemption. As the odds stack up against Roxie, she has no choice but to hold on and just ride it out through the kidnappings, car chases, society parties, a riot at the strip club, Hank getting “Mom Bombed” and one crazy night at the Haunted House.

During all this Hank works at convincing her she really wants to stay and he, along with the Hot Bunch, go all out to make her safe. Hank also needs to work on showing Roxie that her past decisions don’t mean her future can’t include something as downright delicious as… normal.

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Loved it! Loved It! LOVED IT!
OMG it was so good. For once I have nothing to complain about. It was pure awesomeness. So addictive and amazing and fun and... just great.
It was a book very much like the previous 2, filled with drama and excitement and bad situations but this one had a main heroine with a self preservation instinct that didn't run around town looking for trouble. It found her anyway, and repeatedly, but she wasn't looking for it. 

I really liked Roxie! She is kind of a nut but more normal than Jet and Indy. Roxie was willing to give herself up to the bad guys if that meant saving her friends and she didn't purposely run into danger headfirst with her friends backing her. She avoided bad situations and she listened to instructions sometimes but none the less she was in so much trouble, it was kind of amusing.

"Cornfields don't freak me out. Cornfields at night freak me out. Haunted cornfields at night freak me out."
"You been to many haunted cornfields?"
"Dude," I said low. "All cornfields are haunted. Trust me. I know... They whisper to you.” 

There was this scene in a cornfield... priceless. I don't think I've laughed that much in a book. Of course that was followed by a serious moment but while reading it, I had tears streaming down my cheeks from laughing. It was AWESOME!
Hank, well he is Hank. We just got to see him in details none of the previous two heroines had the pleasure to experience. And oh it was an up close and personal inspection that we got. I suddenly have a craving for Whisky.. 

“I feel like I’ve been waiting,” I said to Billy, looking at Hank. “Waiting for a long time, but I guess I know what you mean. My life began when I met him.” 

Anyway! I really enjoyed getting to know these two characters. They were kind of perfectly imperfect together and it was amazing to watch them try to figure things out. Well Roxie was mainly doing the figuring because Hank knows what he wants and he knows how to take it. 

"It was like Fortnums was For Gorgeous People Only. They needed a sign so normal people wouldn't wander in unwittingly and develop immediate inferiority complexes.” 

Another thing that keeps up in this book is the back story. We again got to meet the family.. The WHOLE family around these people and it's incredible to witness. I loved how everyone just welcomes the new additions with arms wide open once they know they can be trusted. I love how accepting and gentle they can be and how close everyone is. I love the comedy they create by just being together. I love the interaction and the drama. 

I simply love this story and I don't mean just this book but all of them so far. I enjoyed reading it so much and I'm looking forward to reading more of it. I am actually giddy with excitement over the next book in the series.

 I give it:

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