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Adult Review: Rock Chick Regret (Rock Chick #7) by Kristen Ashley

This book is suitable for Adult readers!!!

Goodread summary:
Sadie Townsend is known by all as The Ice Princess and she’s worked hard to earn her reputation. Her father, a now-incarcerated Drug Lord, has kept her under his thumb her whole life and she’s learned enough from living in his world to give everyone the cold shoulder. But one inebriated night, she shows the Real Sadie to the undercover agent she knows is investigating her father, the handsome Hector Chavez, and he knows he’ll stop at nothing to have her.

Hector makes one (huge) mistake; he waits for Sadie to come to him. Tragedy strikes and Sadie’s got a choice, she can retreat behind her Ice Fortress or she can embrace the Rock Chick/Hot Bunch World. Guided by Hector, the Rock Chicks, the Hot Bunch and her new gay roommates, Buddy and Ralphie, Sadie negotiates a life out from under her father’s thumb, a life that includes poison, arson and learning how to make s’mores.

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This is a beautiful story filled with horror and sorrow, but also with love, passion and happiness to be around people that love you. 

“And you think you can help me find my way?”
He shook his head, his eyes went warm and I got another neck squeeze, coupled with a tightening of his arm around my waist. “Mamita, only you can find your way. I just wanna be along for the ride.”

I was stunned by the way the book started. Never in the history of the Rock Chicks has something so brutal happened and so early in the book. I was shocked and my heart was breaking for a character I don't know but one that I wanted to get to know. 

 I stopped myself from swallowing and, as per normal (as I'd had loads of practice), I walked, back ramrod straight, chin up, one foot in front of the other (like I learned in deportment classes) to the dest. 
“Hello, I'm Sadie Townsend. I have an appointment with Liam Nightingale,

First impression of Sadie while she was at Lee's office was kind of weird because she was acting like her Ice Princess self but her mind was going a mile a minute. She hid so well behind her mask and that takes strength.
Growing up alone like she did even tough in a mansion with guards and helpers, she felt utterly alone and that will turn anyone hard. Sadie however has that sweet, good person buried somewhere deep beneath the ice and with every new encounter between her and Hector, that Nice Sadie began to unfreeze and take charge. 

“Don’t you dare waltz uninvited into my gallery and disrespect me, my friends and my boyfriend. You do it again, I’ll drag you out of here by your hair. Got me?”

It was beautiful to see Sadie progress like that. She was cold to everyone the first time we met her and then she was bloody and nearly broken the second time we met her. It is quite the leap and she needed to find her balance between the two so she can finally move on and become an extraordinary, feisty lady.
Everyone compared her to a fairy princess but to be she kind of resembled a small child and in some aspects she was just that. As a child grows surrounded with love and laughter it can become it's own person and blossom but for Sadie that process stopped a long time ago and now she just resumed her position of a growing child in the sense of being with family. The smallest things will make her happy. Manual labor seems to be a favorite for her (she is a bit of a nut). And the smallest gestures of kindness seemed like the most amazing gift she has ever received.
I loved her character so much and I'm so glad we got to meet her.
And then there's Hector. Well he is one of the Hot Bunch and is a pretty hotheaded Mexican-American Macho-Man (quoting from somewhere in the book).

“His arm did a squeeze and his voice got softer. “I’m thinkin’ you need more time to get used to me. I’m okay with that, Mamita, take all the time you need.” 

He had to take his time because the trauma Sadie went through didn't allow for him to swoop in and save the day right away so this is probably the most normal relationship in sense of time when it comes to these people. But once he decided Sadie was healed, all bets were off and it was glorious.
I loved it and I loved him. He is learning how to be with Sadie because she can trow attitude as good as any Rock Chick and she is very creative with getting what she wants. There will be problems along the way, these two will clash but it's going to be more entertaining than anything.
I really enjoyed this one. It was a pretty awesome continuation of the previous storied and an elaborate new love story and took my breath away. I loved it! The only bad thing about it really is that is almost the end of the series and I don't think I can handle that. 

 I give it:

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