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Adult Review: Rock Chick (Rock Chick #1) by Kristen Ashley

This book is suitable for Adult readers!!!

Goodread summary:
Indy Savage, cop's daughter, rock chick and used bookstore owner, has been in love with Lee Nightingale, once bad boy, now the man behind Nightingale Investigations, since she was five years old. No matter what ingenious schemes Indy used to capture his attention, Lee never showed an interest and Indy finally gave up. Now Indy's employee, Rosie, has lost a bag of diamonds and bad guys are shooting at him. When Indy gets involved, Lee is forced to help. Complicating matters, Lee has decided he's interested, Indy's decided she's not. But she can't seem to keep Lee out of her life when she's repeatedly stun gunned, kidnapped and there are car bombs exploding (not to mention she's finding dead bodies).

Indy's best bet is to solve the mystery of the diamonds before Lee. Lee's challenge is to keep Indy alive and, at the same time, win back her heart.

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I haven't laughed so much at a book in a while. It was awesome! I loved it.
India Savage is not your typical kind of girl.. she is kind of unique and awesome in a very funny way. She is a magnet for trouble and a tendency to cause even more trouble with her actions. She is a Rock Chick and she loves her freedom. She also loves her best friend and partner in crime Ally.

“Your grandmother used to say that you were two souls separated in heaven. She mainly meant you were both trouble and deserved each other.” 

I love Ally as well because she was the perfect sidekick to Indy. You know, when you have a friend that will try to talk you out of a stupid decision and then a best friend that will just shout "LET'S DO IT". Yeah Indy and Ally were the second type of friends and it's an awesome relationship. 

And Indy just happens to be in love with Ally's older brother Liam 'Lee' Nightingale who is a man that has to have his control... And who is very interested in Indy. That whole relationship was fun to watch unfold because Indy is not a woman that likes to be told what to do and Lee is a man that needs to control his environment.

“Lee, you’re gonna have to get over this jealous-possessiveness thing.”
“Indy, you’re gonna have to get used to the fact that I’m the jealous-possessive type.” 

The combination of these two was perfect really. Indy has a tendency to lie and flirt and Lee has a tendency to over-react and be crazy possessive. It was like watching an action comedy. It was priceless and I loved every second of it. 

My main problem came from the number of people involved in this story. There were too many to keep track of but I'm sure I'll get to know all of them and I'll find a way to recognize everyone. Also some parts of the book were a bit too ridiculous but I loved those even more because it made things even more fun.

“Rule Number One in the India Savage Life Code: When in doubt or possible trouble, lie.” 

Include a crazy family, strange awesome people, badasses all around, drag queens, cute dog, kidnappings, explosions, dead people.. Presents. And about a hundred other insane things and you can possibly be close to how AMAZING this book was but you need to read it to really know what I'm talking about. 

Really it was entertaining like nothing I've ever read. It was hilarious and serious and then it was sweet and passionate. It was great. I actually didn't want it to be over even though that would mean more trouble for the good guys. I just wanted more of them.
I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series and I can't wait to see what happens.

 I give it:
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