2013 Read-a-Long Challenge

I'm pretty new to Read-a-Longs but those I have done I enjoyed quite a lot. So I decided to enter this Read-a-Long Challenge hosted by Book Twirps.
The idea is to have a whole year of read-a-longs and each month we'll all read the same good ( the participants will get the chance to vote for the book they want to read).  Than at the end of each month there's going to be a linky posted along with the review of the book for the month by someone over at Book Twirps and we can link up our reviews there...
Now if you didn't understand anything from what I said you can just click on the picture above and it'll take you to the challenge sign-up page with all the rules...

Now I'll post a list with all the books for each month and I'm going to link them up to the reviews I do write:

1 January - Poison Princess by Kresley Cole - My review: here

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